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The Doctor stuck his sonic back in his pocket, stretching out his arms. It had been a long, stressful day. He looked over at where River was standing, handcuffs being put back on. She would be going back to the Stormcage, and for some reason, he couldn't help but feel... sad. He barely knew her. But she clearly knew him. And she'd saved Amy's life in the forest, he couldn't just let that go. Confused, he pulled at his hair, watching Amy look at him curiously before she opened the TARDIS door. "I'll be over in a minute," he called. She just smirked at him and walked inside. Is she your wife? The Doctor had balked at that. Him, married? It just couldn't happen. But somehow, she intrigued him. She knew his future. Maybe she was? Abandoning his attempt at rational thinking, he slowly made his way over to her. "I, erm... thanks. I guess you know where we'll be meeting next?"

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His remark drew a wider smile from her. 'Isn't always dangerous? I'll tell you, just this once,' she teased, luring him in. The only reason she could tell him was because Amy had already told her that she told them. 'You'll see me when the Pandorica opens.'

There were other adventures they had, better ones. And sometimes the handcuffs did come out and they were not always to bring her back to Stormcage. The other adventures always left quite the impression on her. They had been quite the impression on him as well, from what she remembered.

This Doctor...he was too young to know these things. He probably hadn't even had his first kiss yet. It was a shame, because he was quite skilled with that mouth of his, once he learned to use it properly. The very thought was enough to make her ache for him. The older him, not this baby faced man who had never enjoyed her. Well, it was the Doctor either way, but he hadn't learned about her.

The Pandorica opens... and when was that, exactly? What might be a better question. He'd never even heard of it. Inwardly, he sighed - it wasn't much to go on.

The Doctor still wasn't sure if unlocking her handcuffs was a good idea. Forget beengs. Like how to control the TARDIS.who knew things. Like how to control the TARDIS. Plus, he didn't think he could handle both Amy and River. It had been an exhausting enough day already.

But her expression was telling him to go out on a limb. And he couldn't resist her charm, for some reason. "Stay with me, then. I'll unlock these - we'll be gone before they notice.

Good god, he was young. River could just sense his youth on him, the wide eyes and awkward movements. Not that he lost it when he got older. Just, he wasn't as awkward around her. The man she married was more confident and know who she was. Neither him or her mother knew. They both were young.

'You're asking?' River asked, clearly surprised. Not that he didn't ask. He had many times, but this was the earliest in his time line and probably the first time he asked her.

Still, it was something to consider. Adventures with her husband and mother before either of them knew who she was. Her father wasn't even there.

'I could for a while. It wouldn't be my first time escaping from Stormcage. I just need to go back eventually.' She just wasn't entirely sure it was a good idea. River had planned to meet her mother and father. To be with them as her parents, not with her mother who hardly knew her. 'What about Amy?'

Scratching the back of his head, he thought about it for a moment, then smiled. "Nope, I'm telling you." Confidence on the rise, he pulled out the sonic, pointing it at the cuffs, barely glancing back at the guards. It fell away with a click. "Are you saying yes? Well - I suppose it's too late for that. But it's still polite to ask."

One of his hearts seemed to twinge a bit when she mentioned Amy. He supposed that they could both stay - they'd certainly already got off to a good start - but he rather wanted to get to know River Song without any distractions. Why, he didn't know, but anything about his future drew him in far too easily.

"I don't know. I'll tell her you're coming, maybe she won't mind. But I can take her back for a while too, it's just... eh, long story. Too many words, and it's getting cold, and that guard is bound to get suspicious at some point."

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He was so young, trying not to act as young as he was. Bless. It was certainly endearing and River knew that there was something about her that drew him in, not unlike when she first met him. The only difference was, she knew who he was and had known since she was a child.

'Always,' she said grinning. It was cute that he was telling her, not that he told her to do much of anything. He tried, but he was rather young and not quite up to making a mark...yet. Still, he'd learn, River knew just how much he learned.

The archaeologist laughed. 'I'm certain she won't mind. I know you heard her theorising about who I am in relation to you.' Her mother had been right and she wondered if Amy, with her head all muddled from that crack (almost as bad as River's own mind), if she had sensed who River really was.

He straightened his bow tie, feeling far more his usual self than he had two minutes ago. Which was always a good thing. "Well come on, come on, let's get going. I promise to have you back at Stormcage before curfew or whatever." He bounded back towards the TARDIS, unconcerned about the attention he'd probably bring.

The Doctor opened the door and stood back to let her in, keeping an eye on the guards. They weren't going to bother them - he'd made sure of that already, obviously - but he still enjoyed watching their bemused expressions. It was funny. Too funny.

"And I'm assuming you're not going to tell me?" he asked, as they walked inside. She couldn't be his wife. Amy was kidding. Though, she did have a knack for getting things right sometimes. Her instincts were spot on. Still, he couldn't imagine being married. It was a scary thought. Weren't married couples... settled? He wasn't exactly the domestic type.

River laughed, the sound deep and rich. Curfew? Oh that man. It was still early for him and he had no idea what to make of her. She could see it in his face, the way he adjusted his bowtie. It was all still very new to him and he didn't quite understand her or probably understand why.

'See you later, boys,' she stated with a sultry wink to the guards. They did nothing and would do nothing, knowing that she'd return on her own. It was a game she played.

Would she tell him? No. And true, they didn't have a standard wedding or even a standard relationship, but they were loyal for a not-so settled and domestic sort of marriage. Every married couple had their quirks, this was just one of theirs.

River looked back to him with a cheeky smile before entering the TARDIS, 'Spoilers.'

River's laugh lingered in his mind as he shut the door behind them. He decided he rather liked the sound of it. He had a strange feeling the universe - his playground - would be empty without it.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. That saying had become all too familiar already. "And are spoilers really such a bad thing?" Laughing, he led her up to the console, where Amy was already fiddling around. Of course. "Pond, we have a guest." The Doctor paused for a moment. No, definitely not saying that again.

Dropping the pompousness, he leaned against the TARDIS console. "She's going to come along with us for a while. You mind?" He didn't really wait for an answer, and he figured Amy had probably expected that. But she wouldn't have cared about it anyway. The more the merrier, right?

'They can be, sweetie,' River remarked, following him. 'Believe me, I know. And so should you, foreknowledge can be very dangerous.'

There her mother was, young and looking quite well, even for someone who had just been almost killed. She couldn't blame her mother for looking a little shell shocked, she did walk through a forest of Weeping Angels with her eyes closed.

'Where are we off to now, dear?' she asked cheerily, grinning at Amy, who smiled back slightly. Poor Amy, was clearly shaken, but she was strong and would get through this just fine.

'I should get out of these. Amy, do you want some tea? I could go for a cup about now, hmm?' Wine was usually more of their style, but tea would do, since she was certain there'd be no wine on the TARDIS.

He nodded reluctantly. Yes, he knew the dangers of foreknowledge all too well. "Alright, alright." The Doctor pretended to sulk, busying himself with the controls, but trying to hide a grin at the same time.

"You know, I think Amy needs a pick-me-up. How about we go pick up Nose Boy and go somewhere... slightly less stressful than normal. Hm?" He grinned, stretching his arms, as Amy mumbled something along the lines of, "I'm fine," and, "it's Rory". She looked over at River, nodding. "Unless you've got anything stronger? Though I doubt it."

The Doctor laughed. "What do you need stronger for? Tea's wonderful, quite fabulous really. Fixes everything." He hopped down the stairs, poking around for a kettle. "I'm sure I left it here last time..."

So, he did call her father that more than just that time in Washington DC. Her poor father, he'd have a son in law, who was mad and teased him. Then again, with all the strange things that happened, she supposed her family was all around strange, herself included.

'Oh? Rory? Is he your boyfriend?' River asked casually. She knew better, as she put an arm around Amy's shoulders. 'Sounds nice, every Rory I've met has been nice.'

It was a shame the Doctor wasn't older, because once her mother was settled in and elsewhere, they would have had their fun. For now, she felt like the adult and would take care of everyone and that included her ancient, but young husband (future in his time stream).

'It's probably in the kitchen, sweetie, where's it's supposed to be.' River rolled her eyes good naturedly and started to lead Amy to the kitchen. 'You're welcome to join us, if you'd like.'

Amy seemed to freak out a little when River asked about Rory, though the Doctor only half-noticed, out of the corner of his eye. The kettle was important.

"He's my, well - we're getting married." That caught his attention. He spun around and patted her on the shoulder. "Really? When? I do like weddings." He liked Rory. Sure, he was no Amy, and certainly not River, but he was brilliant, in his own awkward way. And they seemed to fit well together. Like a proper married couple.

"The kitchen? But that could be anywhere!" Whining, he followed them anyway. "Who keeps a kettle in the kitchen anyway? What use is it to me there?

It wasn't that it surprised River how her mother acted. She was fond of Rory, adored him. In fact, River knew that it was she who got them together in the first place. Well, she wanted to be born, didn't she?

'That's wonderful.' Poor Amy, she seemed so unsure of her decision to marry. River knew, the wedding was beautiful. Her mother looked beautiful and her father looked handsome. And she didn't stay. 'I'm certain you two will be very happy together.'

The ginger girl gave the Doctor a slight glare. 'You picked me up the night before my wedding,' Amy stated. Amy seemed to be back on her feet to mostly her normal self and it made River smile.

'Yep and I'll find it,' River announced confidently. 'I don't want to know what you use it for, if not water. The console does not have a burner, dear, nor should you attempt to use any part of the console as such.' Amy just laughed beside her as the Doctor was scolded like a husband who had done something wrong.

"I did?" The Doctor watched her warily. Amy's glare always seemed to scare him a little. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'll get you back on time, don't worry. I like Rory. We can take you now, even."

Maybe she missed her normal, Leadworth life. Humans certainly did get attached to perfectly ordinary things, even when they could explore the entire universe with him. The thought of her leaving, even for a little while, made his heart sink. He liked Amy too. But he'd pop up again like he always did, right?

The Doctor made an exaggerated sigh, unperturbed by River's tone. "Fine, fine, I'll try not to." He shuffled behind them, sticking his tongue out at Amy.

Amy shrugged, 'I don't know.' She moved awkwardly, like she wasn't even sure if she wanted to get married. And that alone was awkward, especially now with River there.

River just continued to walk as Amy stuck her tongue back out at him. 'I know what you did, Doctor. Stick your tongue back in your mouth before I get tempted to bite it off.'

Amy sniggered beside River, having decided that she liked the curly haired woman right away. River had a spark and a flair that Amy admired and saw in herself. Also, whatever she had done to end up in jail, couldn't have nearly been as bad as everyone though. She probably had a good reason.

River found the kitchen easily enough and threw a smile in the Doctor's direction. 'See? Found it. Now to find that kettle, yeah? Which, if I am not mistaken is...' she released Amy and went into a cupboard and produced the kettle with a look of amusement, 'right here.'

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