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The Doctor stuck his sonic back in his pocket, stretching out his arms. It had been a long, stressful day. He looked over at where River was standing, handcuffs being put back on. She would be going back to the Stormcage, and for some reason, he couldn't help but feel... sad. He barely knew her. But she clearly knew him. And she'd saved Amy's life in the forest, he couldn't just let that go. Confused, he pulled at his hair, watching Amy look at him curiously before she opened the TARDIS door. "I'll be over in a minute," he called. She just smirked at him and walked inside. Is she your wife? The Doctor had balked at that. Him, married? It just couldn't happen. But somehow, she intrigued him. She knew his future. Maybe she was? Abandoning his attempt at rational thinking, he slowly made his way over to her. "I, erm... thanks. I guess you know where we'll be meeting next?"

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The ginger girl looked between the two. 'If you two are going to tear each other's clothes off...I can leave right now. I can find somewhere else to be.' She continued to look between them as she fixed her tea.

'I think he's a bit young for that,' River remarked slyly to Amy before looking at the Doctor as he said he saw everything. 'Hardly, dear. If you did, you wouldn't miss things or misplace them. You can't always blame it on the TARDIS.'

Oh dear, River could see that Amy didn't like the idea. Rory was at stag night, which she remembered giggling about with Amy so long ago. Knowing Rory, he wouldn't be drunk...hangovers and weddings didn't go well.

'Me?' Amy asked, as if surprised and a little bit offended.

'Well, since I have a temporary release from jail, I think it's a brilliant idea. Knowing him, he can't keep out of trouble. Let's see how long it takes him to get into trouble, hmm?' River suggested.

'Yeah, okay.'

The Doctor chose to ignore Amy's jibe about the clothing. Not that he'd rather not think about it, but... they'd met twice. Not a comfortable subject. He looked curiously at River when she said he was too young. What did she know?

"Oh, come on, I'm sure he won't mind. Think of it as a... pre-wedding honeymoon. Yeah." Nodding enthusiastically, he took a sip of his tea, watching them exchange glances.

"Hey, I don't get into trouble on purpose. You lot will get me into trouble, more like." He thought about it for a while. It was probably going to happen. Sooner or later, trouble would find them. And it was exciting. Especially with more companions than usual.

She just calmly sat there, with a smile on her face. Oh, she was thinking about it. What a thought it was. River remembered him, the older him, and how he could be. This man was too young, too naive and she knew he was practically a blushing virgin.

'I don't know. It seems like you've decided for me though,' the ginger girl stated, crossing her arms and leaning back.

'Me? Seriously, honey?' River looked at him, as if he was a bit mad...which he was, but that was beyond the point. And she was also trouble, just like him and that was beyond the point too. 'Trouble follows you around like a lost dog. Amy, this will be fun. I'm sure Rory will love travelling, most do.'

Amy rolled her eyes, looking at the both of them as she pushed away her empty cup. "Alright, alright, but if we come across you two snogging in a corridor we're leaving."

Without missing a beat, the Doctor replied, "Same goes for you and Rory, then. And, actually, how do you manage to kiss him with the... you know." He mimed having a beak coming out of his face. Amy wasn't particularly amused. However, the Doctor was still pondering the apparent relationship between himself and River, as foreseen by Amy. River was... incredible, but no matter what either of them seemed to think, he wasn't just about to go around kissing people. Definitely not.


He tried to push past his confused feelings for the time traveller and stood up. "Well then, enough chit chat, let's go pick up Mr Pond. Have you decided where you want to go? I definitely recommend the Moulin Rouge. Or maybe Venice. The Andromeda galaxy?" He shrugged, and strolled back towards the console room. He hoped.

River looked over at the Doctor, eyebrows raised and lips slightly pursed, like she couldn't believe what she was hearing from his mouth. Oh right, like they were going to kiss with how young and green he was...and she really didn't want to hear him talk ill about her father. Of course, Amy reacted quickly and shouted a 'hey!' indignantly and very offended.

River drank her tea. She should have known that her mother would be able to see through her, even though she had no idea that the woman sitting across from her was, in fact, her daughter. The ginger had already figured out that the two were married and that she wore the trousers...and what could River say? It was a Pond trait.

'Enjoy your tea, Amy, I'll be right back,' the archaeologist said as she followed the Doctor.

When she caught up with him she put her hands on her hips. 'You might not want to talk that way when Rory comes aboard, sweetie.'

The Doctor slowly made his way back to the console room, whistling as he did so, his hands in his pockets. Women were amusing.

Hearing footsteps, he turned around to see River looking very indignant, hands on her hips. Curious. She'd never even met Rory... "Oh come on, it's just a bit of fun. I love Rory! Good Rory. The nose is just an unfortunate addition. You'll see." He patted her patronisingly, then wandered up to the console, fiddling around. "Let's see then, Amy's time..." he muttered.

Ok, he thought, maybe he ought to hold his tongue more often. It had gotten him into trouble before. And Rory seemed the sensitive type. Well, they both did. Nothing to be done about it, really. He could still feel River's eyes on him, so he surrendered. "Fine, fine, no more joking around and hurting people's feelings. I'll apologise to Amy in a minute."

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'Never met a Rory who wasn't a good man. Either way, Amy's upset, she almost died and you smooth everything over by making fun of her fiancé,' River stated. 'I know it doesn't seem it to you, but she's feeling a little vulnerable, so not making fun of her fiancé would be a smart thing, dear.'

She liked it better when he was younger and he knew who she was. The daughter of Amy and Rory, his best friends. Still, she had to remember, he was young and foolish at the moment and probably didn't realise what these two would mean to him.

Rolling her eyes slightly, she did a slight adjustment on the flight plan. 'Give her a few minutes, let her sit and drink her tea. Let's get Rory and give them a date to remember.'

The Doctor tried to avoid her gaze as she reprimanded him. Her tone seemed to cut right to the core, and he regretted what he'd said to Amy. What he'd put the poor girl through - not just today, but for fourteen years. It was a wonder she didn't hate him. Clearly she was upset. So why would he try to make it worse.

Nodding along, he said, "Yeah, you're right. And I'm sorry. And I'll tell her that in a minute. And maybe I'll even tell Rory." Feeling down on himself, he turned to watch the console as the TARDIS started to power up, taking them to Rory. It still intrigued him how much she cared about Amy and Rory, even though they'd only just met. It reminded him a lot of himself.

He relaxed slightly, turning to face her. He'd spent so much of his time concerned about how Amy had handled the ordeal, but River had been through it as well. And the Weeping Angels alone were enough to make anyone break down. "What about you, River? I know you're strong, and blah blah blah, but are you alright?"

She hadn't meant to reprimand him. In fact, she hoped that he didn't take it too hard. River knew why this all meant so much to her and it always hurt when she was amongst her family and no one knew who she was. Her parents or her husband. But this was the price she paid for the life she lead and she wouldn't change it for the Universe.

'I'm sure she understands. This is you and you're a bloody child sometimes,' she stated, resting her hand on the console. 'Sweetie, stop sulking. You're her best friend. She trusts you more than anyone else.'

By the time he faced her, she was by his side. Composed and head held high. This was River Song, Weeping Angels didn't scare her...but they did then. They scared her because they endangered her mother. Time can be rewritten and River didn't want to change her time or her mother's. Her mother loved all of this as much as she had. They were practically cut from the same clothe.

'Yes, I am,' she stated confidently. 'Weeping Angels are a terrifying race, but the more dangerous, the better, isn't it?'

He was always a child. Growing up wasn't something you did when you ran away to travel the universe. But it didn't matter. River was right - Amy would forgive him.

The Doctor studied River's expression carefully. She was confident, and he had no doubt that the Weeping Angels hadn't affected her quite as much as Amy, but there was something there, lingering in her eyes. "Danger is my middle name. Actually, don't have a middle name. It should be," he laughed, a grin spreading across his face again. Whether she was his wife or not, she definitely had his knack for trouble, and danger.

Something was still tugging at the Doctor's mind, however. River cared a lot about Amy and Rory, far more than she should for someone who barely knew them. It wasn't obvious, but he could see it. What did they mean to her? Standing beside her, he tweaked a few levers, asking, "What are they, in the future? Amy and Rory. Who are they to you? Am I allowed to ask?" At that moment came the familiar noise of the TARDIS landing, or as River said, the brakes creaking. Time to get Rory. He cupped his hands over his mouth. "Amy!"

She rolled her eyes fondly and walked around the TARDIS. 'I suppose it makes it mine too. But I figure I'm more of "Trouble" than "Danger".' And indeed she was. Prison, dangerous archaeological expeditions, general troublemaking. Although, there was something about the Weeping Angels that unsettled her. That scared her slightly and she knew that they were far more dangerous than most she faced.

'Spoilers, sweetie,' River remarked as she strode over to the crash seat and sat herself down easily. She wished she could tell him, but she knew better. Instead, she would let it end there, or so she hopped. He would learn soon enough who she was and what Amy and Rory meant to her in the future for him. At least then, he couldn't hang it over their heads that he knew who she was and that Amy would indeed marry her fiancé, in fact, they'd have a child within the first year of marriage. There was a lot that she wanted to keep hidden, at least to not change the future. River would never allow that.

Amy came running as if something had gone wrong, but when she heard no frantic sounds from down the hall, she slowed to a walk and walked in calmly and with more dignity than she felt. 'What's up?' she asked casually, or as casually as she could, arms behind her back.

Trouble, indeed. More trouble than he'd bargained for, certainly. River was quite the handful. Nothing he couldn't handle, of course.

He sighed exaggeratedly, grinning as he watched her sit down. He wasn't really expecting an answer, to be honest. He already knew her response. But it still intrigued him. River didn't seem like the type of person to get attached to someone without good reason. Whoever Amy and Rory became, they were important.

Lifting his head, he saw the redhead stroll into the room. "We're here, Rory'll be around somewhere. You want to go find him? I'm not entirely sure where we landed..." He walked around the console to the monitor, confident that Rory was nearby, but still wanting to check where they were. The TARDIS was still acting funny, which was to be expected. It wouldn't fully repair for a while, he figured.

River sat and watched, head held high and a slight smile on her lips. She was the perfect picture of composure. Almost like the Mona Lisa, the smile let him know she had secrets, as every woman did. And he knew she had her secrets, a lot of them, all of which he'd learn in his future.

'And I will be getting changed. Military fatigues are only flattering for so long,' she replied as Amy came in. And with that, River was off to the wardrobe to find suitable clothing for whatever adventure they were off to. It also gave her a chance to collect her thoughts by herself. She knew better than anyone that there would be some awkwardness about with Rory coming aboard.

'Oh,' Amy stated, pursing her lips. 'He's at stag night. His fiancée going in there is a bit awkward...' Then she took out her mobile and phoned him. Amy was expecting every bit of a drunken man and a drunken reply. What else did blokes do at stag night besides drink a lot, eat a lot and watch strippers dance. To her credit, she wasn't going to burst into the pub and embarrass him in front of his mates. She also had her dignity to think of. She was no clingy fiancée.

He watched River leave, curious as to what she would find to wear. A small part of his brain was of the opinion that she looked quite good in her army gear. But he pushed it away, aware that there were more pressing matters on hand.

"Pssh, he's at his stag night, oh well. Look, how about I go get him? That way, it won't be weird at all!" The Doctor seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Rory was almost a complete stranger to him, and Amy stared at him in disbelief. "You - oh, Doctor." She sighed, pressing her palm to her forehead, still trying to get a hold of her soon-to-be husband. It wasn't as if she had many options. She did really want to see him, and having the Doctor get him might be easier...

He could see that she was thinking it over in her mind, so he set out to convince her. "Oh, come on, what's the worst that could happen? It's probably almost finished, no one will remember I was there if they're all that intoxicated. And I'm sure I've got a good hangover remedy somewhere." He grinned excitedly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He didn't often get the chance to experience such human gatherings.

What was the worst that could happen? Amy raised her eyebrows, as if asking: 'Really? You're asking that?' And he was asking it. Of course he was. Amy had a real feeling that this man didn't just flippantly ask anything.

She watched him for a long moment and then sighed. 'Oh, go, if it pleases you so much. Go.' She was just uncertain what that man was up to and what the Doctor would do once he got to the party. There was a number of things the Doctor could see that would make him uneasy and not unreasonably so. It was a stag party, so generally, more than just drinking went on, in fact, she was certain that his mates had hired a stripper, not that it would bother Amy. Knowing Rory, he'd stutter his way through the whole thing. Bless.

Then again, Amy could have been wrong about this over enthusiastic man-child and he did know the on goings of stag night, other than the drunken fun. It seemed to her, that the Doctor seemed rather naive on relationships and women, despite claiming to be much older than anyone she knew of to be alive. She'd sit there and wait until he got back, almost excited to see how he handled the whole thing. It could very well be, very amusing. At least she hoped it would be.

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