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The Doctor stuck his sonic back in his pocket, stretching out his arms. It had been a long, stressful day. He looked over at where River was standing, handcuffs being put back on. She would be going back to the Stormcage, and for some reason, he couldn't help but feel... sad. He barely knew her. But she clearly knew him. And she'd saved Amy's life in the forest, he couldn't just let that go. Confused, he pulled at his hair, watching Amy look at him curiously before she opened the TARDIS door. "I'll be over in a minute," he called. She just smirked at him and walked inside. Is she your wife? The Doctor had balked at that. Him, married? It just couldn't happen. But somehow, she intrigued him. She knew his future. Maybe she was? Abandoning his attempt at rational thinking, he slowly made his way over to her. "I, erm... thanks. I guess you know where we'll be meeting next?"

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Oh he'd be surprised. The TARDIS played favourites and River was certainly the favourite. She may have chose the Doctor, but River was her child. Usually, she listened, usually. Well, with the exception of the Pandorica incident. River knew that the TARDIS had no other way to tell her what she needed to know.

'So, he isn't asking. Shame,' River remarked with a shrug as she toyed with a few more controls. 'Then again, he's a little young, isn't he?' she then asked cheerfully. River focused on the flying of the TARDIS opposed to the Doctor. He was from an earlier time stream, making him young and as much as it hurt River, she knew that she'd eventually see her Doctor. He was the Doctor in name and in appearance, but he was still much too young, too inexperienced.

River's reply got a snigger out of Amy as she made her way to the Doctor, arms behind her and looked rather cheerfully between the two. 'We should be landing shortly,' River informed her parents, not waiting for the Doctor to even answer.

"Young?" The Doctor was a little indignant, and straightened his bow tie. "I'm nine hundred. Last time I checked - it gets hard to keep track of," he added, scratching his chin. He turned to River, who looked very smug. "It's my TARDIS, I stole her, I'll be captaining this ship," he said with a laugh.

Amy crossed her arms and looked at him, amused. The way he babbled on with River - it reminded her of Rory, the way he was with her sometimes. As the TARDIS came to a halt, without the loud whooshing she'd grown accustomed to, she dragged Rory by the arm to the door, about to push it open. "It doesn't matter how we're dressed, right? Being in the 1800's and all?" She laughed, not waiting for an answer before they stepped outside, leaving the Doctor by the console with River, making a few post-flight adjustments. "I suppose we'd better go and make sure they don't do anything stupid?"

'You're young to me. The you I know is older,' she stated simply, not letting it affect her. She kept her eyes on the console, on her work. 'Yes, and it would be lovely if you learned to pilot her.' It was a gentle jab, that wasn't meant to hurt, it really was like a wife teasing her husband over something he didn't do right.

River looked pleased, watching Amy and Rory leave. They looked so happy, so in love. Not that she didn't remember them being that happy or in love, but this was before they were married, before everything else happened. Her parents were so young here, so innocent and carefree that knowing some of what was to come was hard on her as their daughter, but she knew that they'd be together and they'd be happy together. Sometimes it was hard just knowing what awaited for them.

'May as well,' River said with a smile. 'Although, seeing as they are adults, we could give them some space.'

Far be it for River to be the chaperone to her parents' date. Still, the thought was amusing. How often could daughters say that they were the chaperone to a date their parents had? Usually they were tag a longs and not chaperones. But wanting to keep them alive was a good enough reason, considering this was the Doctor and all their trips ended up with a great amount of danger and possibility of death.

The city was beautiful and bright with colours! Amy was certainly amazed by it all. The festivities of Carnival were certainly under way. People in masks and people going about in beautiful outfits. Sure, she had seen history in the making and the future, but this was something! She took Rory's hand and looked at him with a smile. 'What do you want to see first?'

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