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The Doctor stuck his sonic back in his pocket, stretching out his arms. It had been a long, stressful day. He looked over at where River was standing, handcuffs being put back on. She would be going back to the Stormcage, and for some reason, he couldn't help but feel... sad. He barely knew her. But she clearly knew him. And she'd saved Amy's life in the forest, he couldn't just let that go. Confused, he pulled at his hair, watching Amy look at him curiously before she opened the TARDIS door. "I'll be over in a minute," he called. She just smirked at him and walked inside. Is she your wife? The Doctor had balked at that. Him, married? It just couldn't happen. But somehow, she intrigued him. She knew his future. Maybe she was? Abandoning his attempt at rational thinking, he slowly made his way over to her. "I, erm... thanks. I guess you know where we'll be meeting next?"

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The Doctor was completely oblivious to the tension that hung thick in the air between Rory and Amy. Both were staring at each other in what almost seemed like disbelief. But the Doctor was much too far gone to notice. He'd never been much of a fan of alcohol, but the guys had managed to convince him to take a shot while Rory lingered nervously behind him. One turned into a few, which turned into several, and was followed by drunken rowdiness, bragging, and mildly aggressive arguments, during which he lost his tweed jacket. Alcohol clearly had more of an effect on him than he'd previously thought. Rory had drunk just as much, but was still sober enough to figure out where they were, and what was happening.

He ignored both Amy and River's comments, and turned around on the spot, trying to reattach his suspenders. "I miss my jacket. It was a nice jacket. Tweed. Mm, tweed. Good word." Amy rolled her eyes and looked past him, trying to decide if now would be a good time to explain things to him. He was staring at her as if there was nothing else in the room, but it didn't look like an angry stare.

Rory himself was simply confused. Why would she pick him up, if her precious 'Raggedy Man' had already invited her on board? Surely they'd been on all sorts of excursions already? The thought made him feel a little betrayed. They were getting married tomorrow, for god's sake. "Amy," he slurred. "This... this is the timey box, right? Has he just shown up, or did you already leave with him and then remember that I was still here?" Try as he might, he couldn't get angry with Amy. Just sad.

River rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Oh this man. She just simply helped him fix his braces. 'Had fun, dear?' Her voice was terse and she was clearly not happy with how this turned out. Well, they needed to sober the boys up before they even considered going anywhere else. Being the mature adult here, because the 907 year old child for a man clearly wasn't, the responsibility fell onto River. Which was funny, considering that she was the one who was in jail.

'Rory, no...nothing like that. He just...showed up and took me with him. I was always going to come back,' the ginger girl said. This was awkward. Amy probably shouldn't have expected anything less. Honestly, she was glad that River was there. Another person, especially a woman, helped defuse the tension. Amy also had the sneaking suspicion that River Song was indeed the Doctor's wife, even from his future. And there was something about River that Amy really liked. It was rather hard to explain and she certainly didn't want to try.

River stalked out of the room, leaving everyone for a moment. She wasn't surprised if this experience was what kept him from drinking in his future. He often took a sip of something alcoholic and spit it out immediately. And it was probably best to sober him up anyway, less he ended up in worse shape than he already was. She brought both Rory and the Doctor a glass of water that had a stream of fizz coming from the centre of glass. 'Both of you, drink this, it should help sober you up and prevent hang overs,' she hand handing the glasses over. 'Now, drink, both of you.'

The Doctor had a sneaking suspicion that River wasn't happy with him, but right now it wasn't the number one thing on his mind. Glad that his braces were now where they should be, he let her wander off as he strolled up towards the console, bustling around and pressing a few different buttons.

Behind him, a few feet away, Rory and Amy were having a quiet discussion. Rory tried to insist that he wasn't angry, but it was difficult when he was tipsy. But it did make him a little more accepting of the fact that a strange man had taken her wife the night before they were to be married. He sincerely hoped she was telling the truth when she said she was always going to come back. Perhaps it was a good thing he was going with them - he could keep an eye on things.

The Doctor was rummaging under the console when River brought him the glass. He drank it down obediently, but made a face. "This stuff is horrid, why do we even keep it here, sweetie?" he asked, mimicking her. Not long after he'd set down the empty glass, though, the fuzziness suddenly disappeared from his mind and he braced himself on the console, momentarily disorientated. "Egh, no, never doing that again, sorry." Nearby, Rory was in a similar state. Both of them quickly sobered up, feeling guilty and embarrassed. "Erm, so," said the Doctor, trying to regain control of the situation. "Did you decided where we're going?"

'Because when situations like this need it, honey,' she stated. As he mentioned he wasn't going to do that again, she just muttered a 'I suspect not' as she checked over the TARDIS. Usually, she was the one drinking that stuff...and as horrible as it was, River always indulged a bit too much. She always had a bit too much fun. She wasn't one to not drink. A hangover she could deal with, it generally was a minor price to pay.

Funny for the woman playing mother to her parents. Although, in fairness, they weren't parents yet in their time stream. River suspected that her mother would have enjoyed getting drunk with Rory and all the things that could happen. And Rory getting drunk probably was the least of the worries. He was a good man, who'd probably talk everyone's ear off while drunk about how much he loved Amy and how beautiful and perfect she was. It was sweet and yet, this was an awkward situation for them to be in.

',' Amy admitted to the Doctor and then looked at Rory. Some part of her had to wonder if he was cross. She wouldn't blame him, but he didn't seem angry or say anything that suggested that he was. Rory just seemed kind of sad. If this hadn't been so awkward and in a room with other people, Amy probably would have tried to distract him. 'Rory?' she asked, looking to her fiancé. 'Anywhere you'd like to to see?'

The Doctor cleared his throat, still slightly ashamed of how he'd just acted. Lowering his voice so that only River could hear, he muttered, "Sorry. Thanks for that." He was aware that she was looking at him, but he couldn't bring himself to face her. She probably thought he was a fool, now.

Rory looked at his fiance, a little shocked. "What - you're letting me choose? And we can go anywhere?" The offer boosted his spirits, because he knew how much this life meant to Amy. He smiled, starting to relax, and thought about his options. "So what is this, a double date?" he asked, glancing up at River. The way she and the Doctor talked - he assumed they must have some kind of relationship, however complicated. Amy sniggered quietly.

The Doctor watched their interaction curiously, having not heard what Rory had just asked. He'd rarely seen two humans fit quite so well together, and it made him smile. Love was a funny thing, but he knew it was more beautiful than a lot of things he would ever get to see. He bounded over to them eagerly, putting an arm over each shoulder. "So, gang, did we choose? No rush - we've got all the time in the universe."

'Of course, dear,' she replied softly. Her voice didn't suggest that she thought of him any less. He was a big boy and could make his own decisions. Sometimes River doubted that he could make good one when it concerned himself. He protected others furiously, but took risks himself. And this man, here, didn't know her. He was clearly interested in her, but he wasn't quite her Doctor.

'Yep. Anywhere any time. We're in a Time Machine,' Amy stated with a smile. She could tell that she was softening him up. In a way, she knew how to manipulate Rory and it was bad and wrong of her, but she didn't want him angry with her. And he seemed to like the idea of picking where they went. Knowing him, it'd be somewhere nice and romantic. She couldn't argue with that.

River didn't look at him, but heard Rory ask if it were a double date. Oh her parents were good, even if they had no idea who she was. Maybe they sensed something about her. Then again, the pet names between her and the Doctor didn't help with their relationship.

'I've decided to let Rory choose,' Amy told the Doctor, smiling at Rory. Maybe if he saw what Amy did, he'd love it as much as she did. Even the scary parts were beautiful. Amy really felt like she was doing more with her life than just standing around and living her normal boring life.

The Doctor smiled, happy that River seemed to have forgiven him for his lapse of judgement. He was keen to stay in everyone's good books on this trip.

"Is that so?" He turned to Rory, an excited grin on his face. "What'll it be then, Rory Williams? Because neither of you have seen anything good yet." Amy raised one eyebrow slightly, but the smile on Rory's face matched the Doctor's own. "Well, can we stay on Earth first?" he asked, his mind whirring over the possibilities. "Not that I don't want to see planets, it's just..." He trailed off, shrugging. Small steps, for now.

The Doctor turned back to look at River, who had an odd, amused kind of look on her face. "What do you think, River? Romantic spots on Earth for the newlyweds? Surely you have some ideas."

It was just that they came from another planet and it hadn't gone well. River knew that. Amy did too, but she wouldn't admit it, especially with Rory there. Still, some part of her was still shaken and upset about what had happened. Amy had never been more scared in her life, which was saying something about the Weeping Angels, they terrified her.

'Paris in the early 20th century or Venice. There are many romantic places and times to visit,' River stated with a fond smile. She had visited some of those destinations with her Doctor and the times they had.

Amy wanted to tell the Doctor that she and Rory weren't married yet, they had to go home first and be married. Either way, they would be as soon as they decided to return to Leadworth. She wanted this to be about showing Rory what travelling in the TARDIS was all about. The adventure, the feeling of change and accomplishment. Amy was honestly starting to think of others before herself.

'I think Rory should have the final say, unless you're deciding for us,' the ginger remarked.

Rory looked between the both of them, still surprised, and frankly, honoured, that they were letting him choose. And he was looking forward to spending some time with Amy, too. "Paris sounds nice, but I've never been to Italy. Venice?" He turned to look at his fiance, who nodded, and kissed his cheek. She didn't want this trip to be about her, or the Doctor. She wanted it to be about them, Rory and Amy, about to be married.

"Venice it is, then!" The Doctor clapped the two of them on the back, and bounded back up to the console, excitement filling him again, as only TARDIS travelling could. It had been a while since he'd been to Italy. "Care to fly the TARDIS with me?" He turned to River, grinning. She'd been pretty brilliant last time, loathe as he was to admit it then. But he could definitely get used to having her around, someone who knew their way around. In the back of his mind, though, there was still the question of how she knew. She said it hadn't been him, so who showed her?

River looked almost surprised, which she concealed fairly well after a moment. After all that moping about and throwing a but of a tantrum, he wanted her to help him fly the TARDIS. Maybe he was warming up to her and she didn't know what changed his mind, but something had and she was thankful for it. Although, she knew that he wouldn't fully trust her until he knew who she was. For now, it was a game for her. And yet, she missed the man he would become.

'Gladly,' she said with a smile and moved closer to the console and immediately got to work. 'Any date in mind? Year?' River could feel the hum of the TARDIS, the warm presence in her mind. The TARDIS was aware of all of time and space and knew River as her child. There were no games here or guessing games, the TARDIS knew her as soon as she came aboard and welcomed her.

'Some time in the past, yeah?' Amy asked, with a smile. 'Makes things more exciting that way.'

The Doctor thought he detected surprise, though it disappeared as soon as it came up. However, he was completely serious. Doctor River Song, whatever she had done to end up in Stormcage, was a brilliant, clever, brave, and dare he think it, sexy, woman. And the mystery surrounding her only served to boost his curiosity.

As soon as she touched the console, the Doctor knew he'd made the right decision. The TARDIS seemed to connect with her, in a way he'd only seen it connect with himself before. Except she wasn't a Time Lord, she couldn't possibly be. He flicked up a few switches as the TARDIS began to gear up, still staring at her, trying to figure her out. "18th century, then? 17th? We might want to give the plague a miss, though," he said, without turning to Amy and Rory, who had walked up to join them, Rory still looking around with a vague curiosity.

'The clothes were quite lovely in the 18th century,' River stated with a smile to Amy. 'Perhaps not your style, but still beautiful. Carnival is a beautiful time to visit Venice.' Her tone was fond, as if she had visited during one of the Carnival events. And she had.

'The plague ended in the late 16th century, dear. We may as well, give some room after the plague,' she said. 'I'm still thinking we should go to Carnival.'

Amy saw Rory's curiosity and went to his side, slipping her hand in his. She wasn't sure what he was thinking. It could have been anything...bad or good. Sometimes it was hard to tell. This life both scared and excited her, but it had far more to offer her than her life at Leadworth.

"Hmm, Carnival," he muttered, fiddling around with the console, trying to make sure they would get there. Or thereabout. The TARDIS was still having teething problems since the crash. "Sound good to you two?" Amy and Rory both nodded excitedly, and the Doctor could see the first-time anxiety briefly on Rory's face. Hard to trust a police box - he went through it with everyone. Rory would be happy enough soon.

Amy drifted around the console towards him, Rory in tow. "So, Doctor," she said matter-of-factly. "Is this a double date?" Her smile told him everything he needed to know. He tried not to look flustered. "Double date? Wouldn't I need a date?" he asked, pretending to act the innocent. "Oh!" He laughed, looking over at River. "They think you're my date. Are we dating? I wasn't aware that we were."

River walked around the Doctor as he charted the course and then walked around, flipping a couple of switches and making sure they landed where they wanted to. She looked at the Time Rotor with a slight scowl as if she was telling the TARDIS that she better not do anything funny. River knew, that it meant nothing and the TARDIS did what she wanted.

'Are you asking me to go on a date?' River asked coyly, stepping closer to the Doctor. She knew that the spoilers thing wouldn't go over well with Amy and Rory there. The word would seem like she was trying to get out of answering the question. The two just watched and then Amy decided to have fun with it. 'Yeah, Doctor, are you asking her out?'

The Doctor noticed the exchange between River and the TARDIS, finding it slightly amusing. Whatever she was trying to tell it, it wasn't likely to listen. The TARDIS acted as she willed, oftentimes getting him and whoever was with him into a whole lot of trouble. Not today, hopefully.

His head shot up at River's question, finding himself face-to-face with her, almost uncomfortably close. And then, of course, Amy got in on it too. "What?! No, can you imagine me on a date?" His tone was defensive, and he avoided River's eyes as he backed away around the console. He wasn't about to reveal his very confused feelings for the women, not in such an awkward situation.

Amy sniggered, and even Rory laughed a little bit. She was already suspicious of the Doctor, wondering if he knew more about her than he let on. Certainly, he acted very strangely around River, as if they were actually married. And River herself wasn't exactly going to tell them any time soon. Aware that the Doctor was having difficulty, she changed the subject. "We almost there, Doctor?"

Oh he'd be surprised. The TARDIS played favourites and River was certainly the favourite. She may have chose the Doctor, but River was her child. Usually, she listened, usually. Well, with the exception of the Pandorica incident. River knew that the TARDIS had no other way to tell her what she needed to know.

'So, he isn't asking. Shame,' River remarked with a shrug as she toyed with a few more controls. 'Then again, he's a little young, isn't he?' she then asked cheerfully. River focused on the flying of the TARDIS opposed to the Doctor. He was from an earlier time stream, making him young and as much as it hurt River, she knew that she'd eventually see her Doctor. He was the Doctor in name and in appearance, but he was still much too young, too inexperienced.

River's reply got a snigger out of Amy as she made her way to the Doctor, arms behind her and looked rather cheerfully between the two. 'We should be landing shortly,' River informed her parents, not waiting for the Doctor to even answer.

"Young?" The Doctor was a little indignant, and straightened his bow tie. "I'm nine hundred. Last time I checked - it gets hard to keep track of," he added, scratching his chin. He turned to River, who looked very smug. "It's my TARDIS, I stole her, I'll be captaining this ship," he said with a laugh.

Amy crossed her arms and looked at him, amused. The way he babbled on with River - it reminded her of Rory, the way he was with her sometimes. As the TARDIS came to a halt, without the loud whooshing she'd grown accustomed to, she dragged Rory by the arm to the door, about to push it open. "It doesn't matter how we're dressed, right? Being in the 1800's and all?" She laughed, not waiting for an answer before they stepped outside, leaving the Doctor by the console with River, making a few post-flight adjustments. "I suppose we'd better go and make sure they don't do anything stupid?"

'You're young to me. The you I know is older,' she stated simply, not letting it affect her. She kept her eyes on the console, on her work. 'Yes, and it would be lovely if you learned to pilot her.' It was a gentle jab, that wasn't meant to hurt, it really was like a wife teasing her husband over something he didn't do right.

River looked pleased, watching Amy and Rory leave. They looked so happy, so in love. Not that she didn't remember them being that happy or in love, but this was before they were married, before everything else happened. Her parents were so young here, so innocent and carefree that knowing some of what was to come was hard on her as their daughter, but she knew that they'd be together and they'd be happy together. Sometimes it was hard just knowing what awaited for them.

'May as well,' River said with a smile. 'Although, seeing as they are adults, we could give them some space.'

Far be it for River to be the chaperone to her parents' date. Still, the thought was amusing. How often could daughters say that they were the chaperone to a date their parents had? Usually they were tag a longs and not chaperones. But wanting to keep them alive was a good enough reason, considering this was the Doctor and all their trips ended up with a great amount of danger and possibility of death.

The city was beautiful and bright with colours! Amy was certainly amazed by it all. The festivities of Carnival were certainly under way. People in masks and people going about in beautiful outfits. Sure, she had seen history in the making and the future, but this was something! She took Rory's hand and looked at him with a smile. 'What do you want to see first?'

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